What is God doing through OLAM at this time?

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Creekside Gathering Place


     There are many people today who will not come into a church, because of many reasons.  Jesus did allot of his ministry beside the lake or on the road as that is where the people were.  We believe that in order to reach people in this day we need to reach out to them where they are.  Most people want to feel accepted and cared for.  We are here to represent THE FATHER (who so loved the world) and believe this is a way to connect with them in day to day life. God sent his son, Jesus to us and before He left He sent us to the world, "make disciples of all - teaching them to observe all that I commanded you." We are in the world and believe we should take every opportunity to reach out to all.

       God has opened the door for OLAM to participate in the developement and opening of a outreach in Buena Vista, CO.  The building is alongside the creek that runs through one of the parks in downtown BV.  It is a place of acceptance and caring that will extend the hand of Jesus to the community in a real hands on way.  The building is owned by Larry & Barb Yancy and God put the vision in their hearts several years ago to build a place that people can come and be accepted, a place where the love of God is more than just words and the local body of Christ can reach out and interact with the whole community. 

      We are praying that God brings people who's vision meshes and feel God has brought us all together. It is our goal to participate in His vision for the upper Arkansas River Valley.  God through many different voices has designated this valley as a place of refuge.  Creekside (for short) is to be an integral part of what God is doing here and we have been blessed to be a part of it. 

       The building was a bookstore and restuarant in the past and still has some of the fixtures needed.  We are currently open to the public as much as possible.  We are only limited by our own abilities.  We are praying and looking for people whom have a vision and are looking for a place that will accomodate that vision.

       We are making contact with all the pastor's in the area as we hope to partner with them in this time.  Creekside is a facility that fills a need in the community by being a neutral place in a good location to bridge the gap between the local body of Christ, no matter what church they attend, and the local community.

       So if you have a vision and the drive and energy to make it happen contact us and we will sit down with you, pray with you, and dream with you, on how to make it happen.  If you just want a place to reach out and love on the community as a whole, please contact us.


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